Monday, May 14, 2018

Shifting Atmospheres Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Shifting Atmospheres

Here are a few quotes from this chapter that stuck out to me:

    “Shifting atmospheres is a way to shine in such a way that you draw people to the one true God.”

    “We should be walking transmitters of His character and release his attributes into every atmosphere we encounter.”

    “There is something powerful in humbling ourselves before the Lord and offering ourselves to His will that activates us with His power, covering, and victory.”

Shifting atmospheres is spiritual warfare and we are reminded to stay in the shelter of the Most High and to partner with the Holy Spirit and not try to fight the enemy on our own.  To be successful in shifting atmospheres we are to be confident and bold.  To not be intimidated or partner with / take on the atmosphere of the enemy.

I appreciate the real world examples given by the author in this chapter and throughout the book which gives us greater understanding of the principles taught here and shows us that what we are told isn’t just theoretical, but comes from experience and practical application.  Our job is to expose darkness with His light.  I found it interesting in some of the stories how the removal of demonic presence gave a result or impression of an increase in perceivable brightness!  Another aspect gleaned from Dawna’s accounts is that a negative situation we may have been dealing with for years can be changed quickly and dramatically with atmosphere shifting.