Sunday, June 24, 2018

Shifting Atmospheres Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Shifting Atmospheres over Regions

A key point from this chapter to remember: “We should never search out demons to attack; our focus should be on expanding the Lord’s Kingdom.” “It is our job to provide support to His army through worship, praise, prophetic and scriptural declarations, acts of love, and intercession.”

Intersession is praying on the behalf of others.  I like how Dawna explains that intercession for others does not mean we have to be negatively affected in our spirits, but that it can be a positive and uplifting experience.  We are to not just pray against the enemy, but also release what God wants in its place.

We should always look to God to give us direction on what to do in spiritual warfare.  We are not to just be stewards of the physical aspects of this world, but also the spiritual!

I really like how Dawna pointed out that we are not the ones taking on the enemy.  Also it was very good for me to hear that I am not to be constantly on guard for the enemy.  Nope!  I am to keep focused on the author and completer of my faith, Yeshua (Jesus) the Anointed, and if I encounter anything that is not of Him I am to surrender it to God as the proper stewardess of his earth, allowing him to work his victory into the atmosphere and situation. 

I am to be about life not on the lookout for death.  I am to be involved relationally with the world around me, through what I do pointing the way to Abba, which is, being Yeshua (who is the only way to Abba) / doing what Yeshua does--an ambassador for Yeshua.  I LOVE how Dawna put getting involved in our community through art and work and business in just as valid a place as through acts of service.  We are NEVER to be isolated.  There are hundreds of ways I can sow into my community!  So often we limit what sowing is or can be and put boxes around ourselves and good works.  How can I enrich others’ lives?  By sharing with them the talents God has given me.