Sunday, July 22, 2018

Shifting Atmospheres: Final Thoughts

Shifting Atmospheres
Shifting Atmospheres by Dawna De Silva

I hope you, the blog reader, found this study helpful and encouraging and that you would consider getting the book for yourself to read and share with others.  Special thanks to my Study Buddy for going through this together with me and sharing our thoughts and perspectives.

This book has definitely helped me and I will go back to it and continue to implement the principles.  I found this book helpful in learning a bit about the spiritual realm around us and the role we can play to battle against the plans and schemes of Satan.  Let us not be victims of the evil atmosphere manifesting from the unseen realm, but instead shift atmospheres and play our part in bringing about the atmosphere of God’s kingdom back to earth where it belongs.

This excerpt from the final chapter of this book sums it up quite well for us:

“We are part of God’s army and are set by God on the front lines to charge forward and retake the world’s atmospheres. If you use the principles presented in this book, I am confident you will succeed. Begin small.  Start by shifting your own atmospheres.  Find your normal and get rid of any bad trees in your garden.  Lean into the Holy Spirit to gain insight and strategies as you practice discernment of the spiritual world around you.  Most of all, dive into the Word of God. You will find your peace and courage there…”

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Shifting Atmospheres Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Assignments

In this chapter we learn about how the enemy may have an assignment to destroy us, and that he may use different tactics to find our weaknesses to attack successfully.

When we recognize the attacks of the enemy, we must renounce our ties to his lies instead of partnering with his broadcasts / thoughts.

I like how Dawna pointed out through her story that even when you quit partnering with the enemy there's still a fight to be fought: all the antagonism doesn't just disappear, but now the enemy doesn't have power anymore.  I don't get why God doesn't always just zap the enemy into oblivion, but what I do know is that Yahweh (the Lord) wins.

We can use prayer to break assignments of the enemy.  We should not be fearful and focus on the assignments the enemy may have on us, but instead on God’s promises of protection.

The atoning blood of our Messiah is a strong defense against the power of the enemy.

The following quote gives a good summary of what we learn in this chapter:
“If you find yourself or a loved one in the midst of a demonic assignment, partner with God to plead the blood of Jesus over your life. Repent for any fear you have allowed into your life and meditate on the Scriptures that reveal the power of God.”