Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 7 Bible Reading Review

Week 7  Numbers 1:1 to Numbers 16:1

Num 4:15 The command to not touch the Holy objects during transportation or they will die was later executed on Uzzah during the time of David.  4:20 however says death by just looking. Perhaps God was merciful that more did not die later?

Num 5:4 Were those sent outside the camp because of uncleanness allowed to take family and animals?  Were they able to collect the manna?  It could be an easy division to cause permanent separation.  Did some remain outside the camp indefinitely or even leave entirely?

Num 5:6 committing a sin towards another = being unfaithful to God.

Num 5  The jealousy ritual is a strange ceremony.  This was done in the case of no witnesses.  The commentary in the HCSB indicates that if the woman was guilty she would become barren.  Something that wasn’t immediately obvious.

Num 6  What is the purpose for one making a Nazarite vow?  It mentions more of what they are not to do then what they are to do.

Num 9 They followed the cloud, this is one thing they did not mess up.  Do we follow God’s leading in our lives?  If only it were as obvious as the cloud!

Num 11:16 Moses was over burdened by the people. God gave Moses a support team of 70 elders.  We can ask God for help with His assignments.

Num 11:21 Even Moses could not understand how God would provide the meat, even after seeing Him do this same provision in Ex 16-13. Can we keep faith even when there is no apparent solution for our problems?

Num 11:29, Moses was not jealous or wanting to “hoard” God’s presence for himself.  He wisely knew that if all had God’s presence in their lives, his job would be much easier.

Num 11:34 The “grave of craving”.  This is the destination of the “gotta have it” mindset.  It is lack of self-control and devoid of the fruit of the Spirit.

Num 12:8  Moses was very humble (v3) and God exalted him.  He also demanded much of him.  This is a huge endorsement.  This passage should cement to us not to disdain God’s chosen or to exalt ourselves.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. (Heb 11:6)  Numbers 13 and 14 show the deadly consequences of living without faith in God and what He has done and promised to do.  The scouts reported literal giants (13:33) which put fear in their hearts and minds.  Are we any different today?  Perhaps our “giants” are of another kind of impossibility in our minds.  The people’s understandably natural yet faithless response to the spies' report got them what they cried:  “If only we had died in the wilderness” as God pronounces punishment on the Israelites for 40 years to wander in the wilderness (14:35). The Israelites tried to take matters in their own hands, not falling on their faces in repentance.  This did not work for them as their attempt was defeated (14:40).  God was again ready to wipe them out but God pardons their lack of faith as Moses requested (14:20).  Joshua and Caleb stand out as an example for us of faith, looking beyond the physical (14:9) and being of a different spirit (14:24)  Oh that we would live by faith and not by sight!

Num 15:25 Unintentional sin must be atoned for, but (v30) defiant sin is not acceptable or forgiven. This command soon follows with an example of the defiant man gathering wood on the Sabbath.

Num 15:37+ God institutes tassels to help people remember to follow His commands and not their own ways.

Next Reading:  Week 8  Numbers 16:1 to Numbers 33:1

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    I'm going to try harder at doing so the coming weeks cause I want you guys to know I'm still behind you in this!