Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 37 Bible Reading Review

Week 37  Ezekiel 38:1 to Daniel 7:1

Eze 39:9  This massive battle is typically understood to be in the future.  Why are the weapons described as old tech?  Modern steel weapons would not burn.

Eze 39:28  The real left behind story of Israel.  V40+  Ezekiel writes down the details of the New Temple vision.  Either he wrote it down as he saw it, had amazing memory, or God later dictated everything again.

Eze 41:18+  Carved cherubim images in the temple.  There was also woven cherubim in the tabernacle and cherubim statues on the ark of the covenant.  How do these not negate the no graven image from the 10 commandments?  Looking at the Hebrew, the two English words "Graven Image" come from one Hebrew word "pecel" (H6459) which gives the strong's definition of "an idol" which would not negate the commandment if the images were not idolized.

Eze 44:19  Holiness could transmit through the priests clothes. 46:20 also through offerings.  How ignorant are we of the properties of holiness, or even sin?

Dan 2:9  A brilliant move by the king to test the wise people with asking what the dream was as well as the interpretation.

Dan 3:16-18  Daniel’s 3 companions give a great response:  My God can deliver us, but even if not, we will not serve other gods.

Dan 4,5  God dramatically humbles these two kings.  Not just for their sake, but also for those in their vast kingdom and people who later learn their story.

Dan 6  Do we consider people’s motives before agreeing to their requests?  Daniel, knowing of the decree against serving his God did not fear or wavier or alter his habits.  May we be as bold and do the same when our faith and God is challenged.

Next Reading  Week 38  Daniel 7:1 to Amos 1:1

Wisdom for the week

There were several good post to choose from.  Here is my choice post from Dale Cresap from this past week. 

If you forget something your friends may encourage you by saying, ‘it will come to you’. You may use similar words regarding yourself. Note that this concept and terminology are slightly different from saying that you will remember it. Saying it will come to you implies that it comes from without rather than within. Could this be true? What is the source of thoughts and ideas? I promised to send you the Comforter to bring all things into remembrance. This certainly refers to the truth of the Kingdom of God, but the promise implies more than that. You may be getting more help than you realize. If you need help remembering something, ask me and see what happens.

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