Friday, September 23, 2016

Week 38 Bible Reading Review

Week 38  Daniel 7:1 to Amos 1:1

Dan 10:13  An example of spiritual warfare:  God’s messenger was delayed, but would the message still come if Daniel did not continue to seek the answer the 3 weeks?

Hosea 6:1-3  God’s hand is evident in shaping and molding the people, even if it was a trial by fire followed by healing.

Hosea 11:8  Here God states he changes His heart and shows compassion.

The book of Hosea seems to be another emotional roller-coaster ride.

Joel 2:28  The pouring out of God’s Spirit occurs “After this” which in context sounds like after the day of the Lord?  This would be different timing then I had thought / been taught, hopefully I am wrong on this for we definitely will need his Spirit during this time.

Next Reading  Week 39  Amos 1:1 to Haggai 1:1

Wisdom for the week

Here is my choice post from Dale Cresap from this past week.

I taught that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Do you think this applies to everything? What about words? Have you ever encountered someone who was generous with their words, even if they were not desired, to the point of being wearisome or annoying? It is not gracious to dominate a conversation. In keeping with the paradigm of giving, you can think of listening as another form of giving. Don’t you feel ministered to by those who will listen to you and hear your story? They feel the same way and you can minister life to them by receiving their words. You can minister to me the same way and receive the words of life

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