Friday, January 15, 2016

Week 2 Bible Reading Review

Week 2  Genesis 25:1 to Genesis 43:1

Below are my comments for this week’s reading.  Be sure to post your comments below as well, even if you have only read part of this week’s section.  I encourage every one to comment each week that you area able as it can help with your commitment to read along.

Joseph's Coat of Dreams by Shannon

Gen 25:22  Where did Rebekah go to inquire of the Lord?

Gen 26 Multiple events in Isaac’s life were very similar to his father Abraham.

Gen 27 It seems wrong to me that the deceptive Jacob, saying he was Esau which his father believed would receive any blessing at all here.  Perhaps Jacob’s later blessings were not from this deceptive exchange, nor was it even necessary, but because of Abraham’s obedience and God’s direct blessings spoken to him.  He reaped what he sowed as later Laban was deceitful toward Jacob.

Gen 30 Laban’s actions seem to be geared toward keeping Jacob and not “letting” him leave as he recognized that God was with Jacob.  A stressful environment with the various family squabbles.  God still blessed Jacob as promised despite this.

Gen 31:32 Jacob’s verbal death judgment eventually came to pass against Rachael.  A caution for us to mind our words.

Gen 39 After several unrighteous / disgraceful stories in this section, Joseph stands out in contrast as someone with integrity.  Well done Joseph!

Gen 39:20 Joseph did not let his mistreatment affect his behavior.  A good example for us.

Gen 41:16 Joseph again gives God credit for interpretation before he hears the dream.  This is faith and another good example.

Dreams played a major part in Joseph’s life.  Do we pay attention to our dreams?

Next Reading:  Week 3  Genesis 43:1 to Exodus 13:1


  1. First of all I want to say I really appreciate Timothy's comments, though not very wordy, they are insightful, and make me ask "Yea, what about that?", thank you.

    Secondly, I had one journal entry specific to this week's Bible readings, concerning Chapters 30-31.

    "God's covenant promise supersedes foolish, manipulative behavior. Though there were consequences for Jacob's behavior, God's grace was still shown. God is that committed to what He speaks over us. He will perform it, no matter what. He will bring us to a place of cooperation eventually, but He still allows us to choose. His great love convinces us that His way is the best way. His perfect love transforms our imperfect lives."

    After typing this here, I just asked myself "If God is that committed to fulfilling His purposes, yet still honors our choices, good or bad, how many plans that He has for me are in a "Waiting Room" awaiting my cooperation?" That is a soul searching question that will take me some time to get back with you on.

    Here is another entry from this past week's journal:

    In reference to Luke 7:40-50, Jesus has something to tell me, am I listening? Do I see, do I understand? Or am I so wrapped up in my judgments of others, that it prevents the power of His love to flow through me? Do my prejudices distract me from His purposes? Have I forgotten how much He has forgiven me of, that I forget to extend that same love & grace to others?" This then flows into my Bible reading in Gen 32 where I journal, "Don't wrestle with God, Rest in Him!"

    Lastly, as Timothy mentions, journaling is an excellent way to document what God has & is doing in our lives. I've started back up doing this again, and in fact my journal entries for the date of Jan 14th are all "Praise the Lords!"Nine of them in fact, all specific things that God has provided for Gary & I, just this week, or personally done this week for us, or through us. It would take too long to list them, but I just want to state that God is Faithful, He is Awesome, and I want to Thank Him, for all that He does, despite my imperfections!

  2. In regards to listening to our dreams, I have a funny story that happened the other day. In my sleep, I was dreaming I was reading my Bible, and there was a very significant portion of it that I wanted to remember, so in my dream, I ripped that page out of my Bible. When I woke up, I noticed that I had actually ripped the first two pages out of my Bible, that I keep on my bed stand! No way! I am so respectful of books, that I was shocked I would do something like that, especially to my Bible. In answer to your possible question, No, I didn't rip out a specific Scripture portion, just the cover page. I wonder what that Scripture reference was that seemed so important in my dream? Maybe another night will reveal it!

    Seriously though, I do jot down my dreams, if they seem significant, or about people I know. I always pray for those people, and at times have shared my dream with them, stating I have been praying for them. Sometimes they relate to the dream, thanking me for the prayers, and the insight shared with them. But most of the time, I just pray about my dreams. I do believe God uses dreams to communicate with us though, as it is during our sleep we are the least distracted, and more likely to hear His voice.

  3. I have a couple of questions: Who wrote the book of Genesis? How were all of the conversations in these chapters documented so well? Since God's Laws hadn't been revealed yet, what did the people of Genesis base their behavior on? How did they know what pleased God?

    1. Thanks for your comments and questions. The author of Genesis (and the next 4 books) is typically believed to be Moses. Some believe God dictated to him what to write, even letter by letter. Also, when one looks at the longevity of the first humans there really is not too many people between Moses and Adam. I have also heard it said that when God walked with Adam he taught him many things including what was expected behavior which Adam then passed on. Also, my understanding is that as men continued to sin, more rules or instructions were needed / given. An example of this from what we have read so far is that immediately after the flood, God says men are to die for taking the life of another.

  4. I found it interesting that in Genesis 7:2 and 8:20 God references clean and unclean animals when the law of "Moses" hasn't been given yet....God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm so glad!!!
    In Genesis 14 22-24 I was impressed by an aspect of Abraham's righteousness in that he did not care one bit for garnering other men's money, his concern was the reputation of God in his life. God was his provider, the One who was blessing him and making him rich. He could rightfully have taken everything he had gained in the battle as his own, but he was not selfish or prideful. He was humble, kind, benevolent, and showing the loving of God through his actions. May we all continue to grow as we continue to see the great examples of godliness God gives us in His Word!