Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 3 Bible Reading Review

Thank you everyone for reading along.  Please leave any comments or questions below, or just check in that you have read this week’s passage. Ask God for wisdom and understanding as you read to share with others.  Remember the purpose of this blog is to help motivate one another to read through the Bible and draw closer to our Creator.

Week 3  Genesis 43:1 to Exodus 13:1

Gen 44:3 This is from my HCSB notes:  Joseph mentions divination as part of the ploy to make the brothers think this is a very valuable cup, there is no evidence that he actually practiced divination. At a later time, divination was officially prohibited for Israelites in the law.

Gen 44:9 A second example of a rash statement that although believed to be true, was not actually so.  A reminder to choose our words carefully and not to overstate our position unduly.

Gen 44:34 Judah, seeing his father’s sorrow for losing Joseph, now offers himself to take Benjamin’s place to spare the misery to his father again.

Gen 46:34 Being shepherds which was abhorrent to the Egyptians seems to have been a way to keep the Israelites separated as people group while they lived in Egypt.

Ex 1:19-21  An example of disobedience to the king and likely lying to save lives. God was good to the midwives for fearing Him. Is it acceptable to disobey authority and lie to save another’s life, or your own?  Is it acceptable to recant belief in Yeshua (Jesus) if it is a lie to save your life?  Yeshua’s example when questioned was typically to return with a question.  May we be given the words to say if ever in such a situation. (Ex 4:12) He always has the best answer.

Ex 2:17 An act of chivalry had a huge impact on Moses’ future.

Ex 4:14 The Lord’s anger burned against Moses for his lack of faith and not wanting to do as told.  Is this a picture we have when we disobey?  Yet God is patient and merciful and sent Aaron with promises of being with Moses.

Ex 4:24 This verse seems strange and missing “the rest of the story”.  This shows the seriousness of the circumcision covenant.  Perhaps Zipporah didn’t want to perform or allow the circumcision but was finally convinced.

Ex 4:24 God said: “Go and meet Moses in the wilderness.”  Who needs GPS?

Ex 5-6 Right from the beginning there was difficulties and conflict in the execution of God’s exodus.  How smooth things go is not necessarily an indication if we are in God’s will.  Perseverance is needed to obey in faith.

Ex 9:12 God directs the heart of kings to accomplish His purposes. (Prov 21:1)

Ex 9:6 All Egyptian livestock died, later the plague of hail speaks of more livestock.  This may indicate some time passage for the reacquiring of livestock, perhaps they took from the Israelites.

Ex 12:1  This verse brings a change to the calendar, making the first month of the year in the spring.  Our current calendar system does not follow this.

The story of the Exodus seems a tall tale to many today, but it brought fear to the Canaanites that they would later face in battle, even 40 years later.

Next Reading:  Week 4  Exodus 13:1 to Exodus 33:1


  1. It was more challenging this week to be consistent with my reading through the Bible portion of my devotions, so I will be doing a little catching up this coming week. However, I'm not discouraged or feeling guilty because it is more about the relationship, than the accomplishment. What I mean by this, is I missed spending the time with God while reading His word as I've come to enjoy the time spent set aside to hear from Him, spend time with Him and being quiet with Him. Reading the Bible has evolved from just another item checked off of my "to do list", which I am very, very thankful for. My heart is learning to long for Him, hunger for Him, and desire Him, which are all very good things.

    Here are a few notes from my Journal, that I did jot down when I was reading the Bible this week.

    Ex 3: Moses asks God "Who am I?" God replies, "I AM, who I AM!"
    It wasn't about Moses' ability, about believing the One who gives the ability!

    Ex 4: The 3 miraculous signs God gave Moses, to prove the he had met with God & that God was speaking through him.

    1. Staff turns into a snake, and then back again.
    The staff = our life, The snake = devil. Taking the snake by the tail shows we have power & authority over the devil through God's power. God is our Deliverer!

    2. Leprous hand healed. God is our Healer!

    3. Water turned to Blood. Water = Jesus, Blood = Redemption. God is our Redeemer.

    God then addresses Moses uncertainty in regards to being slow of speech. God takes our weaknesses, our disabilities and gives us the ability to do what He asks of us. He will instruct us. God is our Teacher. God is our Strength. God is our Transformer.

    Lastly, even though angered by Moses' unbelief, God is Merciful & Gracious!

  2. I also have been reading through a devotional called "Selah", finding rest in God, during my morning devotional time, and would like to share the following excerpt from it:


    God in His mercy has always helped me through difficult times. He doesn't want me to hold my breath and just "push" through. God wants me to rest in faith (breathe), knowing no matter what the problem, He will help me through it. I need to relax (breathe), and rest in God's presence. He is with me!

    Prayer: Breathing in say: "Loving God", Breathing out say: "You are with me in all my troubles." Amen.