Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 18 Bible Reading Review

Week 18  2 Kings 1:1 to 2 Kings 19:1

2 King 1:15  Did the angel tell Elijah to send fire on the 2 previous groups?

2 King 2:24  The curse that was spoken came to pass.  Sometimes it seems that the power given Elisha was available “at his whim” as opposed to “by God’s approval” as in this case.

2 King 4:2  What do you have?  Multiplication seems God’s preference rather than to make something out of nothing. Perhaps to motivate us to work with what we have instead of bemoan what we don’t and do nothing.

2 King 4:33  Insight into Elisha’s dependence on God as he sought Him for direction before proceeding with the dead boy.

2 King 4:41  Either everyone trusted Elisha or maybe they waited for him to eat the soup first?

2 King 4:26  Why did Gehazi think Elisha wouldn’t know what he did?  Didn’t he pay attention?

2 King 6:17  What a confidence booster!  To be able to see the heavenly host.

2 King 6:18  Blindness request granted!  I don’t think they were completely “blind” but just didn’t see / recognize everything.

2 King 6:21  A respectable response that brought peace.  Feed your enemies instead of kill them.

2 King 8:6  This verse shows God’s restorative provision for obedience.

2 King 8:15  The question is, would Hazeal done what he did had Elisha not told him his future?  Also, would it have been wrong to try and stop his future or was it an inevitability?  (Similar case read later with Jehu)

2 King 18:4  Hezekiah was the first in a long line of kings to be likened to David.  He even destroyed a “valuable artifact” (the Bronze Serpent) from Moses’ day that had become idolized.  Are we willing to let go of / destroy things we would consider valuable if they cause sin?

2 King 18  A common repeated mistake is to disdain Yahweh himself, this typically results in one’s own destruction.

Next Reading:  Week 19  2 Kings 19:1 to 1 Chronicles 12:1

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