Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 19 Bible Reading Review

Week 19  2 Kings 19:1 to 1 Chronicles 12:1

2 King 20  Why would Hezekiah ask for a sign for his healing?  Seems it would be obvious in a few days.

2 King 20  Hezekiah showing his treasuries to the Babylonian king’s son may hint at an alliance formed.  Was Isaiah’s prophecy contingent on this action as the text makes it seem, or was it coincidental?

2 King 22:19  Josiah was prophetically told he would not see the destruction.  All he did to clean up Israel was likely for the hopes of the future generations.  This showed his heart to be concerned for the people rather than just himself.

1 Chron 5:26  God put it into the king's mind to exile the Israelites.  We should that those who oppose us may be doing God’s will.

1 Chron 10:14  States “So the Lord put him (Saul) to death”.  A few verses earlier we read Saul killed himself.  This is an important textual criticism…  a “literal” statement may not be as literal as it reads.

There are lots of names in this section.  Perhaps it was valuable to those and their descendants at the time, but the farther away from the heritage we get, the less useful it seems.  From dust to dust.

Next Reading:  Week 20  1 Chronicles 12:1 to 2 Chronicles 6:1

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