Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week 28 Bible Reading Review

Week 28  Psalm 120:1 to Proverbs 18:1

Some psalms show praise for God in times of blessing, others show wonder where He is in times of trouble.  Does God change?  Maybe we just need to change our perspective.  A good goal would be to have peace in all circumstances, with faith in Him at all times.

Psalm 137:9  Would killing innocent babies, even if in retaliation, make one happy?  Another example that not all scriptures contain advisable behavior.

Psalm 141  The psalmist asks for correction and rebuke if needed.  Many proverbs as well say a wise man heeds rebuke as he knows the end result is for the best.  How readily do we accept correction?

Proverbs (1:7, 9:10)  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.  (8:13)  To fear the Lord is to hate evil.

Proverbs 10+  Many one verse proverbs, mainly contrasting the wise / righteous person with the fool / evil one.

Next Reading:  Week 28  Psalm 120:1 to Proverbs 18:1

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