Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week 30 Bible Reading Review

Week 30  Isaiah 1:1 to Isaiah 31:1

Isaiah 2  The picture painted of Judah also fits the US and other nations.

Isaiah 9:10  This verse was quoted by US leaders after 9-11.  Did people read the context?

Isaiah 10  Shows God will judge wicked nations. We shouldn’t think we are safe from His judgement.

Isaiah 11  Yeshua’s reign will cause animal behavior changes.  This may not be worldwide as I have previously thought / been taught, but localized to Jerusalem as a witness to the world.

Isaiah 20:3  Isaiah was naked and barefoot for 3 years?  Was this in the winter too?  Would we be able to obey in such a way?  I wonder others treated him.

Isaiah 21:16  Some of Isaiah’s prophesies had a definite time frame.  This was a way people could test his words but it also tested Isaiah's faith too.

Isaiah 24  Those who think the end times only affects Israel should read this chapter.

Isaiah 26:9-10  An important principle to keep in mind while reading this book:  Judgements teach righteousness, favor to the wicked does not.

Next Reading:  Week 31  Isaiah 31:1 to Isaiah 59:1

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