Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 32 Bible Reading Review

The house of Israel / Judah no longer had Yahweh's covering during Jeremiah's time.

Week 32  Isaiah 59:1 to Jeremiah 16:1

Jer 1  Jeremiah’s purpose and destiny was clear from a youth. Given to him by God himself, even though he didn’t want to do this calling, he was obedient.  The vision questions God asked sound like training for Jeremiah’s spiritual eyes.  Then he was told to speak His judgements, more training and testing.

Jer 2:3  The first fruits are YHVH’s.  Guilt and disaster comes to those who eat of it.  Is this the consequence to the former command?  Do we consider this command today?

Jer 2:6,8  In two verses the question “Where is the Lord?” is no longer asked. This happens when we give up and quit seeking Him and go our own way.  Have we stopped asking this question?

Jer 7:16 (11:14)  There is a point when prayer is not effective, when it is opposed to God’s will / command.

Jer 7:20 (13:14)  The wrath of God is not to be dismissed for a God of only love.

Jer 7:22-23  It seems burnt offerings and sacrifices were added / commanded because of iniquities.  Disobedience brings more rules.

Jer 9:3  The people went about their own ways and did not consider God in their actions.  This is a natural progression of no longer asking “Where is the Lord?”

Jer 10:25  Flesh circumcision / obedience is not sufficient.  We must also be circumcised / obedient in the heart!

Jer 11  The people wanted to kill Jeremiah so that they didn’t have to hear God, resulting in their demise.  Don’t shut out words just because we don’t like what they are saying, but examine them in humility.

Jeremiah delivered God’s words to the people, despite persecution for God's hard words.  He struggled with God through the trials.  God promised deliverance in obedience.  We can learn from this that obedience is not always the easy path, but it is the best road.

Next Reading:  Week 33  Jeremiah 16:1 to Jeremiah 36:1

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