Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week 34 Bible Reading Review

Week 34  Jeremiah 36:1 to Lamentations 1:1

Jer 36:4  Jeremiah dictates God’s past words from memory?  Impressive!

Jer 36:19  Some people believed Jeremiah, but the king did not, thus bringing down Israel.  This shows that the leader has great effect on the nation.

Jer 38:26  The king tells Jeremiah what to say when questioned, which was truthful, thus allowing Jeremiah to maintain integrity.

Jer 39  It seems king Nebuchadnezzar knew of Jeremiah and spared him.  This Showed God’s hand of protection, God spared Ebed-melech and Jeremiah for trusting in Him.

Jer 42:5  Although the people sought God through Jeremiah, they still rejected His counsel.  Why didn’t the people follow God’s instruction?  Perhaps fear ruled their life and they were not accustomed to obeying God, but doing what seems right in their own eyes.

It took 10 days for Jeremiah to get an answer from God.  Do we have the patience to wait on the Lord?  Jeremiah didn’t just get an answer for the people, he also knew their response.

Jer 53  Why did the people say Baruch was behind Jeremiah’s “lies”?  Stranger still, why would they take Baruch and Jeremiah with them to Egypt?  Perhaps this was God extending mercy to the remnant by not cutting them of from His prophet.

Jer 44:15+  It seems the people were short sighted, believing their past experience over God’s prophet.  They had a disconnect from cause and effect.  How many times do we also mistake God’s mercy and patience for his acceptance of our behavior?

Jer 45  Baruch was despondent for no stated reason.  Simply the state of the nation would be enough.  God grants him protection for his service.

Jer 45+  The remaining chapters are prophecies of doom and destruction on other nations.  All people will be judged.

It seems a primary reason why Babylon is destroyed is because they destroyed Jerusalem and God’s temple, which was God’s will as prophesied by Jeremiah.  Why then would this be reason to destroy Babylon?  There are plenty of other reasons to suffice.  Perhaps David knew of this principle and would not take out Saul, even though God had passed the kingdom to David.

Next Reading:  Week 35  Lamentations 1:1 to Ezekiel 20:1

Wisdom for the week

Here is my choice post from Dale Cresap from this past week.  May we all take the time to know Him!

My word tells you to be still and know that I am God. This implies that there is a connection between stillness and knowing. Is this how you know other things? A diligent search for knowledge implies proactive involvement. You have many resources available to you for all the facts in the world. Yet knowing me is different. This is a journey in which you make greater progress by slowing down and calming down. The world and its distractions and your own racing thoughts are too prominent in your awareness. If you want to know the author of life, release those things and I will come to you.

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