Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 31 Bible Reading Review

Week 31  Isaiah 31:1 to Isaiah 59:1

Isaiah reads like a collection of shorter writings, not in chronological order.

Isa 37:21  Reminds us again to always bring all things to God.

Isa 46  We may not have golden idols today, but what in our lives takes the place of God?  Our job, our accomplishments, our possessions, our selves or other people?

Isa 53  This chapter foretells the role of Yeshua / Jesus on earth. Yet much of it is given in a past tense, giving the impression that it is as good as done.  The narrator also changes, for example, as shown by He vs My.  (Isaiah vs God)  - giving a more authoritative position.

Next Reading: Week 32  Isaiah 59:1 to Jeremiah 16:1

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