Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 42 Bible Reading Review

Week 42  Matthew 26:1 to Mark 13:1

Matt 26:75  Did Peter have any ability to not fulfill the words of Yeshua/Jesus about him denying Him thrice?  Would it be better not to know our future if we couldn’t change it?

Matt 27:16  An interesting footnote in the HCSB.  Some manuscripts say “Jesus Barabbas”.  So Pilot may have asked, do you want me to free Jesus the son of man, or Jesus the son of God?

Mark 3:30  Blaspheming the Holy Spirit may be calling it unclean (evil)?

Mark 3:31+  Yeshua seems to ignore his family’s request to see Him.  He must have known they were there to restrain Him. (v21)

Mark 4:12  One may wonder why Yeshua spoke in parables to keep people in the dark.  This is part of a plan to bring in the fullness of the Gentiles as elaborated on elsewhere in scripture.  They also needed to crucify Him to fulfill His purpose.

Mark 5  The account of the man with the legion is amazing.  It even caused the people to not want Yeshua around.

Mark 5:43  Yeshua gives strict orders not to tell anyone of the girl’s resurrection.  One would think it would be obvious to anyone seeing her.

Mark 6:6  Does familiarity breed contempt?

Mark 7  The Greek woman was equated with dogs by Yeshua.  Was this a respector of persons, or simply a plan to start with Israel, which was later expanded by Paul and others to the Gentiles?

Mark 10:13-16  Yeshua was showing how to receive the kingdom through the example of receiving the children with open arms.  Unless we welcome the kingdom of God like He received the children, we will not enter it.  (A different perspective than becoming like little children.)

Mark 11:24  Footnotes for other manuscripts:  “believe that you have received”,  “believe that you receive”, “believe that you will receive”  This changes the way one might think about faith/belief.

Mark 11:25  Important Key:  Forgiving others is necessary for our own forgiveness.

Next Reading:  Week 43  Mark 13:1 to Luke 11:1

Wisdom for the week

Here is my choice post from Dale Cresap from this past week.

Do you see your prayers as a shopping list; things you need to get from God? Do you assume that if you aren’t getting the results you want you need to step up the effort? My word says that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. Yet is this the only purpose for prayer? Have you noticed that before prayer changes your circumstances it changes you? Do you see this as a side effect or the main purpose?  Are you willing to change your paradigm and approach prayer as a means for your own transformation as opposed to getting what you want? Are you willing to pray for your own transformation with the same fervency you do for the things on your list?

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