Saturday, November 5, 2016

Week 43 Bible Reading Review

Week 43  Mark 13:1 to Luke 11:1

Mark 13:24-27  The elect gathering or “rapture” is clearly after the tribulation in this passage and version.

Mark 13  No one knows the day or the hour of His return, but we should know the season if we are paying attention.

Luke 4:28-30  This passage gives evidence that Yeshua / Jesus went willingly to his death at the right time, for He easily escapes when it is not.

Luke 5  This fills in some missing details from the previous gospels, which merely states Peter and others just leave all and up and follow Yeshua when He asks.  Here they were witness to a miracle and His teachings from their own boat beforehand, giving more sense to why they dropped everything to follow Him.  A point to remember, we are always missing details from what we know and understand.  Let us not be quick to judge.

Luke 6:47  Do we act on God’s words?

Luke 7  The account of the Centurion is quite different from the previous readings in that in one case he was personally there, while in this account he sent others to speak to Yeshua on his behalf.  Despite the differences, the results are the same in that the requested healing took place.

Luke 8:37  Why were the people so fearful?  Perhaps the now freed demons were causing this fear.

Luke 10:4  A good verse to post on the back door for Shannon to read before she goes out shopping for “stuff” at second hand stores…

Next Reading:  Week 44  Luke 11:1 to John 1:1

Wisdom for the week

Here is the latest post from Dale Cresap that goes well with the Centurion story in this week's reading.

I commended a Centurion who approached me for his great faith, but you can tell by inference that the story didn’t start there. He came on behalf of his servant rather than for himself or his immediate family, indicating that he had compassion and saw the man as more than an economic resource. He further demonstrated humility to come to me in person to place his request, crossing lines of culture, religion, status, and wealth. All of this happened before he recognized that I could heal at a distance. Faith and virtue rarely occur in isolation. If you want to see great acts of faith practice those qualities that precede them.

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