Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 44 Bible Reading Review

Week 44  Luke 11:1 to John 1:1

Luke 11:13  Persistently ask for the Holy Spirit.

Luke 11:37+  Yeshua / Jesus was not worried about being politically correct or not offending the one who invited Him to a meal.  Are we this bold?

Luke 12:49+  Yeshua, despite being like a lamb going peacefully to the slaughter, has a true desire to set the world on fire.

Luke 13  Yeshua admonishes repentance.  When we see others perish, we are not to judge them, but consider our own need for repentance.

Luke 22:20  I like Luke’s rendering of the Passover cup being the covenant established by His blood.  Not that it was His blood, as drinking blood is forbidden in Torah.

Next Reading:  Week 45  John 1:1 to John 18:1

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