Friday, November 18, 2016

Week 46 Bible Reading Review

Week 46  John 18:1 to Acts 14:1

John 18:6  Again Yeshua / Jesus demonstrates going willingly to His death as He clearly had dominion over the people and situation.

Acts 4:31  This seems to be a separate filling of the Holy Spirit than the Pentecost event.  Is it a refilling or a different anointing?

Acts 5:5,10  Anania’s and Sapphira’s lie was not tolerated and immediate death resulted.  How would it change the modern church if things like this happened?

Acts 6:2  We can’t do everything.  Delegation is good.

Acts 8:24  Simon’s request for prayer goes unanswered.  Was his request denied or granted?  Just because someone asks for prayer doesn't mean we should automatically pray as they ask.  Better to seek direction from God on what to do.

Acts 9:40  This verse gives a key for us to seek God’s will in a situation before taking action.  (Peter prays before commanding the dead to raise.)

Acts 10:34-35  An important truth:  Whosoever fears God and does righteousness is acceptable to Him.

Acts 13:2  The best leaders are God appointed, not man appointed.

Acts 13:11  Paul commanded blindness to the sorcerer.  He didn’t try to convince him he was wrong, or cast a demon out of him, but simply to stop him in his tracks.

Next Reading:  Week 47  Acts 14:1 to Romans 4:1

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