Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 48 Bible Reading Review

Week 48  Romans 4:1 to 1 Corinthians 15:1

Romans 6-7  These chapters talk about the law, sin, grace, and righteousness.  Paul does not despise the law but rather exalts by saying that it is spiritual (7:14), holy and good (7:12), and meant for life (7:10).  It is as if our flesh is a slave to sin, and the law is needed to define sin as evil.  The law is actually necessary, for without the law we would have no need of a Savior, for without the law we would have no sin. (7:9)  6:11-12+  The law gives sin its death hold, but grace (dying in Christ) releases that death grip and we can then rise to a new Master and become a slave to righteousness.  Grace does not excuse further sinning. (6:1-2)

Romans 8  Serving righteousness gives us freedom from serving sin which is death as defined in the law.

Romans 12  A good read for what we should strive for.

Romans 14  A good reminder to accept differences and not be judgmental.

1 Cor 5  We are not to judge the worldly sinners but to be a light.  At the same time we are not to tolerate sinners who are professing Christians.  This stance would strengthen the church's purity and drive sinners to repentance.

1 Cor 7  Paul does not demand separation from an unbelieving spouse.  Compare this with Ezra 10:3

1 Cor 8:10  Paul repeatedly says up to this point that what he is writing is his opinion.  Here I disagree with his statement that eating in an idols' temple is acceptable.  Regardless of what I think or “feel” about it, what God says stands, “Thou shall have no other Gods before me”.  What Paul states here seems to contradict what he says later in chapter 10:18-22 which is more agreeable to me.

1 Cor 9:20  I find it interesting that some manuscripts omit “though I myself am not under the law”.  Was this added or removed for the original letter?

1 Cor 11  The head-covering discussion is confusing at best.  Verse 15 says a woman’s hair is her covering.  And then the discussion ends in verse 16 with:  If anyone wants to argue about this, we have no custom regarding this.  Is this more of Paul’s opinions being expressed?

Conclusion from the last few chapters in this section:  Do everything decently and in order with love.

Next Reading: Week 49  1 Corinthians 15:1 to Philippians 1:1

Wisdom for the week

Here is my choice post from Dale Cresap from this past week.

Are you familiar with the idea of letting someone off the hook? If you have a case or a complaint against someone and decide not to pursue it this is a common expression used to describe your releasing them from judgment. Have you ever heard people complain about unfair treatment from me? Perhaps you have done this yourself. People assume that I am to blame for all the calamities and tribulations they encounter in life, and in many cases become bitter against me. These experiences may leave you with some difficult questions to struggle with about my sovereignty but the way you resolve them may lead you to false conclusions. You can start by letting me off the hook.

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