Friday, December 30, 2016

Week 52 Bible Reading Review (Final)

Week 52  1 John 1:1 to Revelation 22:21

1 John 2:5  Keeping God’s word perfects His love in us.

1 John 2:15+  Loving the world is loving a fleeting thing which is why it is not of God who is eternal.

1 John 2:27  We should look to God’s Spirit to teach us, not rely on man.

1 John 3:9 “Everyone who is born of God does not sin…”  This statement seems contrary to earlier passages in this book.  Is this talking about the final spiritual state?  I like the footnote that says an alternative to saying “does not sin” would be “does not practice sin”.

1 John 3:18  Love with truth and action, not with just word and speech.

1 John 4:18  “Perfect love casts out fear”  If we are fearful we have not perfected love.

1 John 5:7  Repeated throughout this book is the concept that loving God equates with keeping His commands.

2 John 1:4  love = walking according to His commands.

2 John 1:9  Not remaining in Messiah’s teaching means you do not have God.

3 John 1:11  The one who does evil has not seen God.

Jude 1:6-7  The angels and their activity mentioned in these verses gives some credence to them creating offspring as mentioned in the book of Enoch.

Rev 7:13  Are the stars not as we have been taught by science?  Here they fall to the earth.

Rev 11:15  Yehusa / Jesus said He would return at the last trump.  This is the seventh and last trump, when the kingdom of the world becomes His.

Rev 19:8  The fine linen of the bride represents the righteous acts of the saints.  Do we have righteous deeds?

Rev 20:4-5  Here it states that the dead come to life.  This implies that they were dead / asleep until the resurrection either before, in the first resurrection or after the 1000 year millennial reign of the Messiah in the second.

Rev 20:14  Speaking of those cast into the lake of fire it is called the “Second Death” which is not alive in eternal punishment but dead in eternal extermination.

Rev 22  In the new Jerusalem there seems to still be people who need food, healing, and light.  This in context is after death has been destroyed.  There is much we don’t yet understand.

Revelation is a book of both great destruction and great glory.  There is definitely a lot of speculation people have made about it.  May you be covered by the blood of the lamb!

Wisdom for the week

By the grace of God I have completed reading through the Bible in one year as I have set out.  I came across a chart someone put together about the nature of God which I think sums up best what I hope to have learned going through the Bible reading.  Do we see God in all of His nature, or focus on one particular aspect more heavily than anything else?  My reading and this chart helped me to consider all His nature and see that He has perfect balance.

The Nature Of God (Bible Verse Percentages)

  • God as holy  15%
  • God as faithful  11%
  • God as a judge  17%
  • God as powerful  18%
  • God as righteous  16%
  • God as just   14%
  • God as love  8%

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