Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 50 Bible Reading Review

Week 50  Philippians 1:1 to Hebrews 1:1

Phil 1:12+  Paul saw beyond himself, his imprisonment and suffering, to the good it was producing in others.

Phil 2:14  Do everything without grumbling or arguing to be blameless and pure.  This is a good reminder and goal to strive for.

Phil 3:19  Do we focus on earthly things?  Is our stomach our god?

Phil 4:8  What to think on.  Food for our brain!

Col 2:3  All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Messiah.  Don’t waste time seeking elsewhere.

Col 2:16-23  One may think this passage is addressing God’s laws and commands, but in context it seems to be addressing man’s addendums to God’s instructions.  It is better to obey God than man.

Col 3:4  Love is the perfect bond of unity.

1 Thes 5:18  God’s will for you:  Give thanks in everything!  This means we are out of His will when we don’t.

2 Thes 2:4  Does this verse indicate that God’s temple will be rebuilt before the “antichrist” declares himself God to the world?

2 Thes 3:10  “If anyone isn’t willing to work, he should not eat”.  Free handouts may not be the best policy.

1 Tim 1:9  The law is meant to expose sin and should not be our focus.

1 Tim 4:1-5  This passage may seem like anything can now be eaten, but in context v5 says that which is sanctified (set apart) by the word of God is what defines our food.

1 Tim 4:7  Training ourselves in godliness should be our focus, not the pursuits of this world.

2 Tim 2:21  The dishonorable (person or vessel) can become honorable by purification.

2 Tim 2:23  This verse is one of many admonitions to not quarrel.  V26 equates quarrelers with doing the devil’s will.

2 Tim 3:12  All those who want to live godly will be persecuted.

Titus 3:10  A divisive person, after being warned should be rejected.  Doing so should eliminate divisions in the church.

Some of the books by Paul, in particular Philemon, seem odd to be included in the Bible.  Was it just because Paul wrote it, with little regard to its useful content to Bible readers?

Next Reading:  Week 51  Hebrews 1:1 to 1 John 1:1

Wisdom for the week

I found this post from Dale Cresap helpful this past week.

There are a few gender related terms in the Bible. Do you find that women struggle with the references to Sons of God, and men with the idea of being the Bride of Christ? I tell you not to stumble over these concepts. The vast majority of my word is not gender specific, and that includes these passages. References to the Sons of God apply to women as much as to men as do the references to the Bride of Christ. In Christ there is neither male nor female. I’m trying to reveal eternal and transcendent truth to you. Don’t make it hard for me.

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