Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 22 Bible Reading Review

Week 22  2 Chronicles 29:1 to Nehemiah 1:1

2 Chron 32:31  An interesting verse “…God left him to test him and discover what was in his heart.”  Do we operate from our heart or let our circumstances rule our actions?

2 Chron 33  Even though Manasseh had done great evil in God’s sight, he was still granted mercy when he humbled himself and sought Yahweh.  This gives hope for all sinners.

Ezra 2:63  A good way to end disputes / debate: consult the Urim and Thummim.  There are many disputes among believers today that end in dis-fellowship and splits.  Are we humble and willing to take the time to seek God’s will and submit to His leadership instead of what we think is best?

Ezra 7:27  This verse affirms that God put it in the heart of the king to miraculously decree to enable the rebuilding of the temple and provide materials etc.  This was similar with previous king decrees as well.  This shows that God will accomplish His will and use whomever He will.  Do we recognize this happening today?

The sending away of the foreign wives seems to have been a stressful time for many.  I would have wanted it considered that if the women gave their dedication to YHVH and abandoned their ancestral gods that they would have been allowed to stay.  This would not be out of line in my opinion as foreigners were allowed to join Israel in the past after giving their dedication and obedience.

The Message of Interest for this week comes from a talented teacher who my wife and I have heard speak many times and meet in person several years ago at a Sukkot gathering.  His name is Bill Cloud and he recently gave an excellent message as a guest speaker at Passion for Truth.  The title of his message is “Knowing God Rather Than Just Knowing About God”.  To me this should be the heart of our faith and our personal focus.  Do we truly know Him or just about Him?  (Click 2 Watch)

Next Reading:  Week 23  Nehemiah 1:1 to Ester 9:1

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