Friday, June 24, 2016

Week 25 Bible Reading Review

Week 25  Job 33:1 to Psalm 35:1

Job 41 Leviathan = Dragon?

Job 42  Once confronted by God Himself, Job wisely repents of his words and accusations against God.  This book should show us we are not able to judge God.  If we hold anything against Him, we should repent and forgo such thinking.

Job 42:7  God still refers to Job as His servant when addressing Job’s 3 friends.

Job 42:10  It is important to note that Job was restored AFTER he prayed for his friends.  Had he refused, I contend he would not have been restored.

Psalm 2  This psalm contains Son which is capitalized, indicating it is referring to Yeshua.  God’s tolerance for rebellion will be minimal during the millennium. (Yeshua’s 1000 year reign on earth as King.)

Psalm 32  Two things I noticed reading this psalm.
1. God removes the guilt of the psalmist’s sin.  (this was written pre Yeshua)
2. This psalm is an example of 2 way journaling.  The psalmist writes both his and God’s words as dictated by Him. (verse 8+)

Next Reading:  Week 26  Psalm 35:1 to Psalm 79:1

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