Friday, June 17, 2016

Week 24 Bible Reading Review

Week 24  Ester 9:1 to Job 33:1

The book of Job seems quite melancholy…  Job underwent extreme testing.  Was this recorded as an example for the majority of us so we realize our circumstance really are not that bad?

Job 1  The first attack on Job came from 4 fronts simultaneously.  This would be enough to overwhelm most people as it was complete devastation on all fronts.

Job 2  The second attack on Job was on all his flesh and mind.  (boils, terror dreams)

Job 4  The third attack on Job came from his wife, friends and other people who no longer respected him.

Job’s friends sat for 7 days in silence.  Is there anyone who would / could do this today?

My assessment from the council from Job’s friends is that they saw how Job was suffering and jumped to the conclusion that it must have been his fault for the circumstance he was in. Their advice was not necessarily wrong or incorrect as much as it was not helpful to Job’s true situation.

Job 16:5  Job wanted encouragement from his friends rather than accusations.  How do we counsel others having difficulty?

Job 32:1  Job’s problem is stated in this verse:  he was righteous in his own eyes.

Job 32:8  God is the true source of wisdom and we should always seek His counsel.

Next Reading:  Week 25  Job 33:1 to Psalm 35:1

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