Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 23 Bible Reading Review

Week 23  Nehemiah 1:1 to Ester 9:1

Nehemiah Chapter 1  Two important takeaway points form Nehemiah’s prayer.  Prayer for forgiveness of one’s own sins as well as those of our ancestors.  Pray with right understanding and application of God’s word to our current situation.  Both points are tools to use in prayer.

Neh 13:6  Nehemiah was a man of integrity.  He honored his word and returned to the king as he previously promised.  It would have been easy to “forget” and remain in Jerusalem.  Is the integrity of our word and actions important to us?  Do we appreciate or desire this in others?

Neh 13:15  It might be possible that the prohibition of selling on the Sabbath (first found in this book) was mainly intended to stop the merchants from working on the Sabbath, as commanded in torah.  The focus being abstaining from work, not buying and selling.

Esther:  This book is the only book in the Bible that never mentions God, but knowing the story one can easily see God’s fingerprints from the beginning to the end.  Like a script playing out from Vashti’s refusal of the king’s command to the deliverance of the Jews.  Do we recognize God’s hand in our lives every day?

Ester 4:  One would think the Jews would want to flee before the day of the decree.

Esther 6:13  How were Haman’s wife and advisors certain of Haman’s downfall?

Esther 8:17  Many fearful people professed themselves Jews…  Would we deny our savior if fearful of death?

Next Reading:  Week 24  Ester 9:1 to Job 33:1

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