Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 15 Bible Reading Review

Week 15  1 Samuel 29:1 to 2 Samuel 18:1

1 Sam 29 I think it was wise for the Philistine leaders to send David away from their camp.

2 Sam 1,2  I can see how David might have been very confusing to the people around him.  Killing people for helping his cause, perhaps a mercy killing of Saul.  Cursing others for avenging their kin.  Taking Michal back with no regard for her husband.   This passage brings a question for us.  Should those in authority be blindly followed despite their behavior?

2 Sam 6:7  Uzzah’s death is a reminder that good intentions do not trump God’s commands.

2 Sam 7:3  Nathan gave a reply to the King which God then told him to change.  Our goal should be to go to God first in all things.

2 Sam 11:27  David’s dealings with Bathsheba and Uriah were evil in God’s sight. Chp 12.  God brings it to David’s attention via Nathan. He is forgiven but still suffers dire consequences.

The soap opera from God’s judgement ensues in the next few chapters.

2 Sam 15:14  It seems David was ignorant of what was going on in Israel to let the situation get to this point where he had to flee.

2 Sam 16.  Perhaps David was maturing here as he let Shimei curse and throw rocks at him and his men in contrast to when Nabal disgraced some of them.

2 Sam 17:23  Athithophel killed himself when he found out his advice was ignored.  Did he become so proud in his own eyes that he could not live with being ignored?  Let us not live by the esteem others give us.

David and his men were provided for by the generosity of others as they fled from Absalom.  God was providing for them…

Next Reading: Week 16  2 Samuel 18:1 to 1 Kings 9:1

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