Saturday, April 2, 2016

Messages of Interest

Below is an excerpt from an email I received this past week from Communion With God Ministries.  I have not yet mentioned CWGM in my "Ministries of Interest" postings yet but intend to in the near future.  May this beatitudes chart be good food for thought for us this coming week.

Is My Heart Properly Postured to Easily Sense the Holy Spirit's Flow?

The nine beatitudes below are attitudes which posture my heart to receive from God.

The Trait
I Experience This As…
Missing the Mark
I am poor in spirit
Matt. 5:3
I know I need God’s anointing
I can handle life myself
I mourn
Matt. 5:4
I easily, freely repent of my sin
I resist the Spirit’s conviction
I am meek
Matt. 5:5
I can easily be entreated
I know more than you do
I hunger and thirst
Matt. 5:6
I whole-heartedly seek God
I trust in my abilities
I am merciful
Matt. 5:7
I am moved by compassion
I am callous toward others
I am pure in heart
Matt. 5:8
I am full of faith, hope & love
I am fearful, hopeless & angry
I am a peacemaker
Matt. 5:9
I create love, unity & harmony
I am accusative & divisive
I am persecuted for righteousness' sake
Matt. 5:10
I experience attack because I believe in divine encounter
I am wishy-washy, agreeing with everyone
When reviled/persecuted
Matt. 5:11
I remain rejoicing and glad
I become angry & attack

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