Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 16 Bible Reading Review

Week 16  2 Samuel 18:1 to 1 Kings 9:1

2 Sam 18:22  If David meant what he said, why did he ever run from Absalom in the first place?  And why did he send his army against him?

2 Sam 19:5  Joab gave the king wise counsel, reminding him to stop focusing on himself and the dead son, but pay attention to the living.  Wisdom for us today.

2 Sam 20:19 Wisdom from the “wise” woman.  Find the cause of your antagonist and seek a solution.

2 Sam 21:1  David asked God what was causing the 3 year famine.  There was a reason he could remedy.  Do we seek God for why things are so in our lives?  Do we need to wait 3 years?

2 Sam 21  The killing of Saul’s descendants was to atone for the blood of the Gideonites.  They were given protection by Joshua previously, even though they lied about their location.  How many curses today are because of similar things?

2 Sam 23  David’s men were mighty warriors.  The account of David pouring out the water they risked to get for him seemed to be a slap in the face to the men.  Similar to how he acted with Absalom’s death.

2 Sam 34:1 God stirred up David to count the people to bring judgement.  This is a difficult concept, but in another place later we will read that Satan caused this. (1 Chr 21:1)

1 King 1+ It stood out to me reading this time through that Solomon exhibited and was known for his wisdom even before God granted him an abundance.  (2:6,9)

1 King 2:9  David on his death bed still held grudges.  Why didn’t he take care of these issues himself?

Solomon’s wisdom and kingdom was impressive to all, but as we will read later it still wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

Next Reading:  Week 17  1 Kings 9:1 to 2 Kings 1:1

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