Saturday, March 26, 2016

Week 12 Bible Reading Review

Week 12  Joshua 22:1 to Judges 15:1

Joshua 22:30  It is good to check out a matter and not jump to conclusions.

Judges 1:10  Only one generation later and the Israelites forgot their Lord.

Judges 2:22 Nations were left as a test for the Israelites, a test they failed.  We likewise are tested in our lives.  How are we doing?

Judges 6:13  The people knew the stories of their history, coming out of Egypt, yet they neglected to obey God.

Gideon had to have much faith to take on the hordes of men with just 300.  It is understandable that he needed the fleece tests to bolster his faith in the face of the physical odds of one Israelite for every 450 Midianites.

Judges 11  Jephthah’s rash vow to sacrifice someone when he returned in victory is another example of not being wise with one's words.  He later regretted his vow but would not go back on his word because he said it to God.  Reading the HCSB commentary gives some insight on why he may have made the vow.  The gods of the people around them were influencing the Israelites behavior.  Chemosh and Molech, the gods of the Moabites and Ammonites, required human burnt offerings as a sign of total dedication.

Samson is like a little kid with a powerful weapon.  Even though Samson was not honorable, God still used him for His purposes.  Just because someone may perform “signs and wonders” does not mean that they should be followed.

Next Reading:  Week 13  Judges 15:1 to 1 Samuel 11:1

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  1. HI! I realize I haven't been posting much lately, but I am reading faithfully. Sometimes all the violence in these books of the Bible are a little off-putting, but yet we can still learn from them. I'm struggling with making major changes in my food choices right now, and man it can be difficult. I totally understand how hard it is to continue to make good choices, when it is so much easier to fall back into the bad choice rut. Depending on the Holy Spirit's intervention and help all the time, definitely puts a cramp on fleshly desires. Knowing the right thing to do in your head, doesn't make it a heart action until there is a humbling surrender and obedience. So many distractions!! Lord help us!