Friday, March 18, 2016

Ministries of Interest: Lifestyle Christianity

On my Revelation Journey there are a few significant people and ministries I have come across that have had an impact on my life.  I am planning to write a series of posts about these different ministries I have encountered.

The ministry I am talking about in this post is Lifestyle Christianity and the man behind it, Todd White.

I learned about Todd White through another internet post I read linking to a video of his about healing.

Since then I have listened to several videos by him and would describe him as the living model of what normal Christians should look like.  Todd’s transformative testimony is amazing.  He started out as an Atheist into drugs, stealing from family etc., sold out to sin until God got a hold of him and now he is completely transformed and sold out for God.  He reads the Bible in childlike faith and simply believes what it says.

Believing as the Bible says that Yeshua’s (Jesus') disciples should have signs and wonders following them, he started praying for others where ever he went like Walmart.  He would pray for healings for an average of 10 people a day and did this for over 3 months (1000+ people) without seeing any miracles.  He continued despite people telling him he was crazy, his wife not wanting to go in public with him, people yelling at him and such.  This didn’t faze him and he kept persevering.

Then one day he finally started seeing the miraculous more and more, till now he has many testimonies every day.  Some of his testimonies are hilarious, some are scary (not for him though), but all are amazing.  He just kept pressing in, continuing on and believing the Word over his experience.  Todd says we come up with all sorts of nonbiblical excuses of why things don’t work out for us vs the Biblical example, instead of just believing the truth of God’s word.

Todd’s main focus is not the healings, but telling everyone he meets that God loves them.  He travels all over the world to teach in various churches about our identity as believers.  To not equate ourselves with sinners, but as sons and daughters of God.

An important lesson that Todd teaches is our source of value.  It should not be from others, what they say about us, or even the things we do, but from what God placed in us.  Our value is determined by our Creator, and the price He paid to redeem us with His blood, which shows our value to Him.  We shouldn’t let the things of this world mold and shape us, but let God be our potter.

Todd’s example and testimony has encouraged me to pray for others in public, and to not be discouraged if I don’t see results.  I have a long way to go in this area but it is a baby step.

You can learn more about Todd and his ministry from his website found here:

There are lots of videos of him on YouTube as well, but I would recommend taking a look at his official YouTube channel found here: 


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