Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 11 Bible Reading Review

Week 11  Joshua 1:1 to Joshua 22:1

Josh 2 Rahab’s words show that God was ensuring victory for Israel as the inhabitants were fearful in their hearts and minds of Israel.

Josh 4 Joshua was humble, God lifted him up before the people and he did not exalt himself but exalted God instead.  Do we try to exalt ourselves or our God?

Josh 7 The story of Achan is a sobering one.  It illustrates how one person’s actions can affect the whole assembly.  Is this the reason God’s church is so ineffective in the world today?  How can this be fixed?  Start with examining ourselves.

Josh 9:14  The lesson here is to not take things at face value but seek the Lord’s council in all things to avoid mistakes.

Josh 11:20  Did God intend to spare the Gibeonites?

Josh 12  A successful bloody campaign, God was with them and granted Israel success in battle.  I wonder what the headcount was…

Next Reading:  Week 12  Joshua 22:1 to Judges 15:1

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