Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 10 Bible Reading Review

Week 10  Deuteronomy 15:1 to Joshua 1:1

Deut 15:1 Debt forgiveness sounds good, let’s get rid of all those mortgages every 7 years.

Deut 16:4 The Passover lamb must only be killed at the designated place, v7 indicates they stayed up all night and went to bed in the morning.

Deut 16:16  This says the children of Israel were to meet where God designated “Jerusalem”.  Those celebrating the feasts of the Lord today can only practice or rehearse because the temple is not available.  Zachariah 14:16 speaks of a future time when the festivals will again resume in Jerusalem when Messiah is ruling from there.

Deut 17:7  The evil was to be purged starting with the witnesses' hands.  This is a far cry from today where in some cases witnesses pass by crimes so as not to attract attention or take time out of their busy day to call the police.

The rules set up for the Israelites were very strict and prescribed death in many cases for various evil and wicked activities.  There was no mercy to be given, this may seem cruel on the individual level, but as a whole, as people had to stone others for such acts it should scare the morality into the people and bring more blessing and peace if followed as prescribed.

Deut 22 God’s commands included many community building rules, including caring for neighbors' property and returning lost goods.

Deut 25 Family lines and bearing offspring was very highly regarded.

Deut 28 Again Moses emphasizes to the people blessing for obedience and progressive harsher curses for disobedience.  Are our curses a result of disobedience?

Deut 29:4 Some insight into why the Israelites struggled so much with obedience.  God did not give them the needed heart to obey. (heart of stone)

Deut 30 God shows mercy and restoration when the people turn from their wicked ways and again obey Him.  Verse 6 Indicates God will give them the needed heart to maintain obedience. (heart of flesh)

Next Reading: Week 11  Joshua 1:1 to Joshua 22:1