Saturday, March 26, 2016

Messages of Interest

I have previously mentioned a couple ministries of interest in the past weeks and in this post I wanted to pass along some of the messages of interest from those ministries I came across this past week.

The first set of messages is a couple of posts by Jim Staley.  I thought these were excellent and very informative on how to talk about keeping the commands of God in a way that encourages one to want to listen and change their perspective.  This principle can also be applied to other important matters that we may be trying to get across to someone else.  We need to engage their heart, not just their mind.

Here are a couple of links posted this past week:

Another set of messages for you are from Todd White.  The first is called "Being Angry With God".  This message does not come from the perspective that it is OK to be angry with God.  I have heard others say it is OK, but I don’t think it is a healthy perspective to take.  Todd explains the idea that God is in control is not Biblical and explores some ramifications of that perspective.  An important perception shift takes place as we learn to see God’s heart and the true cause of tragedies.  If you find yourself being angry with God, now or in the past, then I recommend giving this message a listen.

The second message by Todd is entitled “I Am a Child of God”.  This message address the idols and addictions in our lives, and how to be free from them for good.  A key point is seeing ourselves as a child of God, not as sinners.  Todd shares from the powerful testimony in his life of getting rid of the “trash” and no longer being a slave to it.  If you struggle with addictions / sin / idols in your life then I recommend giving this message a listen.


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