Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 9 Bible Reading Review

Week 9  Numbers 33:1 to Deuteronomy 15:1

Num 35:24 The assembly was to judge a slayer’s intent.  Who can rightly judge a man’s heart but God?

The avenger of blood had an important task…  Better than gun control.

A murderer being executed requires more than one witness.  V30

Num 35:32 Bloodshed defiles the land and only the death the murderer can atone for it.  Our country is completely defiled by abortions.

Deut 1:42  If God is with us we have victory, otherwise we are assured defeat.

Deut 2  God establishes and removes the people groups of the earth.

Deut 3:26  There is a limit to God’s patience and mercy.  Moses was refused entry to the land.

Deut 4 Moses’ parting message gives an accurate prophecy of Israel’s future.  Even knowing this they still fulfilled it.

Deut 7:10-11  Hating God is equated with not obeying Him.  (John 14:15 If you love me, keep my commandments)  Obedience brings prosperity (v12-15)

Deut 7:16 No pity on those they were to destroy.  This seems evil, but the people had judgement passed on them already and they were to be destroyed. (Rom 6:23 Wages of sin is death...)

Deut 7:26  This verse bears attention.  Is there anything we allow abhorrent in our house?  Get it out!

Deut 11-14 Don’t forget to obey God at all times lest pride comes from abundance.

Deut 9:4-6 The other nation’s wickedness was the cause for their removal, not Israel’s righteousness.

Moses instructs Israel repeatedly in his “farewell address” to remember and teach their children God’s commands. Anyone following after other gods was to be destroyed. (Deut 13)  Be wary of the modern “Coexist” movement.  God is a jealous god and does not tolerate worship of others.

Next Reading:  Week 10 Deuteronomy 15:1 to Joshua 1:1


  1. Well I'm back, and it has been a challenging past couple of weeks as I've been struggling with insomnia & waking up in pain. However, the one thing I have found as the "Anchor of my soul" is spending time in the morning reading through my two devotionals, and doing the daily Bible readings. This time has not only refreshed my Spirit, it has rejuvenated my body, allowing me to get through the day in the strength that the Lord has given me through His mercy & grace. I dearly thank Him for that. In testimony, I have been sleeping better, Yea! I believe most of all it is due to people praying for me & God hearing & answering their prayers. I thank HIm and pray His blessings upon them! This may seem like a funny part of the answer to those prayers, but I've been wearing ear plugs at night, and the fact that I'm not distracted by the sounds around me, help me to sleep. Gary always seems to sleep just fine at night, and I know he isn't able to hear much when he takes out his hearing aids, so why not imitate him, in the reverse way? I'll just give God all the glory and the credit for this answer to prayer! In regards to the waking up in pain. A little stretching & a quick soak in the tub alleviates it, so Praise the Lord for that! He is so good!

  2. In regards to the Bible readings, I want to share another testimony, instead of a verse by verse commentary.

    I have been encouraged so much by reading through the journeys of the Israelites through their deliverance from Egypt and their trek through the desert, prior to entering into the Promised Land. I have learned so much, from their sadly made mistakes. To examine my own heart and allow the Holy Spirit to purge & cleanse me from those things that hinder my desire to follow the "Cloud by Day" & the "Fire by Night". I'm learning to let go of the past, which was really only slavery & bondage, and embrace & be thankful for the daily previsions that God faithfully & lovingly provides for me. The biggest lesson I'm learning, and it is interesting that it has also taken me 40 years to learn, is to trust the leadership that God has placed in my life through my husband Gary! I too have had a rebellious & stubborn heart, and I shake my head in repentance & shame. But then, the Holy Spirit lifts my head up to gaze in love upon the face of my Heavenly Father, who is so quick to forgive and transform. I am learning to rest in the freedom of trusting my husband's guidance & leadership, which comes from the Lord, who loves both of us equally. I have no need to be jealous, no need to compete, no need to doubt, and no need to undermine that authority. It has been established by my loving heavenly Father and He is in control, I can trust Him, as He works through Gary. I have to be honest, I realize I need to break old habits, and be willing to create healthy patterns, and that will take a little time & it may be uncomfortable for awhile, but I'm willing! God can work with willing! In the mean time I look forward to coming out of this "desert" and entering into the "Promised Land" God has for me in my personal life, and in my marriage.